Located in Brandenburg, district Potsdam Mittelmark, at the southern end of the Havellandes next to the river Havel (why they call the town in 2002 HavelSEE,  you can discuss, where the rivers name is clearly Havel) Known as an interesting place to make a break, for early Birds, peaceful & quiet, breathtaking views, insider tip for romance, bike groups, families, inexpensive and of course the most beautiful village far and wide!


The Havel is a 334 km / 214 miles long running water, the longest right-sided tributary of the river Elbe. The direct distance between source and mouth is however only 94 kilometers! * Question to the childrens: What Letter – shape does the river Havel have then? In 2004 the Havel was voted the river landscape of the year! And since 2009 the river has been accompanied by the Havelradweg.

Go over the river with Ferry Pritzerbe

Located in the Havelstraße, 14798 Havelsee OT Pritzerbe. Already read Alfred Kubin’s “The Other Side”? Here, in Pritzerbe, by ferry, one comes to the other side. “The strange, in the eternal twilight light lies another side of the Havelufer. Beautiful hiking trail and unpaved bike path through really rustic forest with old oaks. (Post us some Photos from there #Havelprater)

Parks & Nature

Where would you go if you wanted to be in trimmed nature? Go at Castle Garden Plaue , 8 km  / 5 miles away from Briest. Here you find the oldest clay pigeon shooting location and the old pilgram path “Fontaneweg”.  (Feel free to send us some Impression from your walk #Havelprater)


Cinema, located in front of Haveltor, 14712 Rathenow. I definitely recommend the program of the cinema HAVELTOR in Rathenow. 27 km / 17 miles from Briest. Can ever happen that one alone or two in the hall sits. All the better if it’s a love movie! Fair prices, decent seats, very good popcorn. And then next door a burger.

Long distance bicyclepath

We are the station no. 29 on the Havel Radweg cycle path (394km) and on the cycle route TourBrandenburg (1,088km).

Two excellent bike paths that pass through the beautiful Briest am Havelprater. Who would have thought, Bon Journey! More information about the stage planning and maps are also available at Havelland-Tourismus and at the tourist information Brandenburg an der Havel mbH, Neustädtischer Markt 3 | 14776 Brandenburg on the Havel, Tel. 03381 796360 |

Length: 59 km | Course: Brandenburg an der Havel – 20 km – Plaue – 13 km – through Briest to Pritzerbe – 11 km – Milow – 15 km – Rathenow

more Activities

Reckahn – manor house

Located in BB, 14797  – Historical whole ensemble of castle, castle park, baroque church and school museum. From 1760 to 1805, the school reformer Friedrich Eberhard von Rochow lived and worked in the village


Ribbeck – big pears

Located in Nauen, BB, 14641 – The small village has made Fontane famous with his poem “Herr von Ribbeck on Ribbeck in the Havelland”. Replanting the legendary Birnbaum directly next to the church built in 1722.


Havelsee – fun with ostriches

Located in Kützkow, BB, 14798 – Here you can admire bouquets and ostriches and also the products from the huge eggs leave an interesting culinary impression. /




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Parkstrasse 1
14798 Havelsee
Ortsteil BRIEST